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The Susie V Foundation’s mission is to serve and empower citizens of North Canton and greater Stark County by providing scholarship and grant opportunities to students and school organizations, and also helping those affected by ALS. This foundation honors the legacy and values of Mrs. Susie Hertler Van Vranken, a former teacher and lifelong supporter of North Canton. Susie's impact on North Canton City Schools and the community have been second to none. She dedicated her life to ensuring that students were the top priority, no matter the circumstances, proving that her roots ran much deeper than just those sitting in her classroom. Susie continued her excellent service after her tenure in the classroom by serving on several local committees, including the school board, and was a role model to all within the school district.  Unfortunately, Susie was diagnosed with ALS in 2019, and due to the impact of the illness she has removed herself from directly serving on these committees.


As an inspiration to countless students, teachers, parents, administrators and more, this foundation will aim to continue Susie’s dedication and passion for the community and her belief in the"Three A's"; athletics, academics and the arts. This campaign's goal will create a foundation that has the opportunity to award grants for school programs, as well as scholarships for selected students and athletes. The Susie V Foundation will contribute to furthering ALS research and continue to serve the community in the best possible way. Your donations are the seeds of The Susie Van Vranken Foundation.  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for contributing to our foundation’s growth. 

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